Gredunza title designed by Verbaltoxin

Verbal Pony

Verbaltoxin's pony avatar by ShiningWizard

Verbaltoxin, aka verbaltoxin is a longtime member. He is an fWc Original, 2 time Gredunza winner and Grand Slam LARPer, elevating above any and all LARP belts. He also runs the trivia game on Monday nights and ppv's.


Verbaltoxin lives in Parts Unknown, MT, which is 50 mi NE of WCW Special Forces, ID and ENE of The Darkest Reaches of Your Mind, UT. Mrs. Toxin descended from Folkvangr on a winged serpent and married him in 2010.

Random stuffEdit

Designed several versions of the gredunza belt, and other badly-composed pictures.

First picture of the Cult of [REDACTED]

Runs the trivia game. Awards the FWC-International World Trivia Championship, aka FFLM Championship.

Makes up dumb jokes, memes and random posts.

Started the Libertarian Kane meme.

Created the Cult of [REDACTED].

Original trivia game graphic.

Loves AWA, old school NWA, and other old wrestling videos.

Avid fan of Wrestling Is, Chikara, and Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

Watches Impact with FWC Japan.

Started Kayfabe Night.


Drink the syrup! Confess your spams!


2nd FWC Japan logo.


Current trivia game graphic.

FWC True Trivia Belt

FWC-Int'l World Trivia Belt

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