FWc Ponyville Current

The residents of fWc Ponyville

As the connection between fWc wrestling fandom and MLP: Friendship Is Magic grew, mostly thanks to the efforts of Captain Steriod, certain members of the fWc-verse began to clamour for graphics of themselves in custom pony form. The fWc Nexus became the initial group to be represented by MLP graphics and other community members joined later either by request or random addition. Each fWc pony graphic has a custom logo, or "cuitie mark" in MLP lingo, specific to that member's name or character.

As the group of ponified fWc'ers grew it eventually triggered a backlash from pony hating members, some of which formed the nPo or "No Pony Order". The group vocally expresses their diskile for all things pony but is generally loved and tolerated by the pony-loving factions and members anyway.

Ponified fWc MembersEdit

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