This is the official page for longtime lurker and 6-time Gredunza champion, nathanjr.


Normally a mild mannered gardener in the Washington DC area, nathanjr's love of wrestling was rekindled when he began lurking in his first fWc thread at the Money in the Bank 2011.  While he had only followed wrestling sparingly since 2001, he was attracted to the often hilarious comments made in the threads and began lurking on a weekly basis, eventually moving up to actually making comments in early 2012.  Since that time he has held the Gredunza title on 6 occasions, the Tag Team, Last Man Standing, and Trivia titles one time each, and is the 2013 fWc Trivia King of the Ring.


Gredunza wins:

11/18/2012 Survivor Series

12/10/2012 Raw

12/17/2012 Raw (2008)

6/17/2013 Raw

8/18/2013 Summerslam (2008)

9/9/2013 Raw

Tag Team Title wins:

11/18/2012 Survivor Series

Last Man Standing

Trivia Champion

King of the Ring

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