Large coffee
was the original token foreigner of the fWc. He's a filthy British scoundrel living in the bowels of central Virginia. He is to caffeine what Smiths is to Vodak. Outside of wrasslin', he's a big fan of Oxford United, the Washington Capitals, the Washington Redskins, and Yuengling Black & Tan.

LucklessWonder is a total mark for Edge, Bret Hart, and the British Bulldog. He firmly believes that BULLDOG WAS ROBBED at the 1995 Royal Rumble.

Oh, and he's a member of the No Pony Order.

fWc ContributionsEdit

LucklessWonder's most frequent contributions to fWc threads on Fark was to spam them with images and dates showing the history of title changes from various belts. God, what a loser.

Additionally, once the admins at that site started having shitfits about ARMBRA pictures and the big old checklist started insisting that all diva pictures be links only, he posted a picture of every Diva to have ever been on a WWWF/WWF/WWE roster to that time.

He coined the incredibly trite and obvious "Team Snu Snu" nickname for the (at the time) allied duo of Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

LucklessWonder also created (by spending about 5 minutes pissing around in GIMP

The original fWc belt. Yes it's shit.

) the original fWc belt that would eventually become the coveted Gredunza belt. Despite LucklessWonder's initial claims, this does not make him the Reggie Parks of the fWc. He promptly tweeted an image of said belt and the thread where it originated to zack Ryder, because that was a thing at the time.

Following the great [REDACTED] schism, he followed many other fWcers to fWc Japan, where he posts far less frequently.

Gredunza HistoryEdit

LucklessWonder was the longest serving fWc original to never win the gredunza belt (aside from Smiths, who never tried for it) and eventually ended up ascribing himself the stunningly original apellation of BeltlessWonder. This changed when he won the second gredunza belt of the 2013 Royal Rumble. However, this was long after the fWc schism, and so was basically insignificant.

Impact zone nameEdit

Miracle Without Fortune

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