Ed Becker is a FWC contributor from Milwaukee, WI who now mainly posts in FWC-Japan.  He is one of the few contributors who actually spent time in the pro-wrestling business.  

FWC InvolvementEdit

Becker is a longtime Farker who mainly lurked and submitted headlines for consideration.  He became more involved when wrestling threads began to appear on Fark.  He would react to the threads and would add his opinions and anecdotes, sometimes after consuming alcohol.

Professional Wrestling InvolvementEdit

As a long time fan, Becker became disillusioned with the state of professional wrestling in the early 1990's.  The then WWF was as cartoon-ish as ever and WCW wasn't much better.  He received some free tickets to a local promotion's show via a promotion with the radio station he worked for.  He began following that promotion, Mid-American Wrestling, eventually helping out with event operations in trade for free admission and beer.  

Becker also had a friend who was going through the school that MAW had.  He became friends with Carmine DeSpirito, the owner, booker and promoter of the company.  

Ed's duties included everything from ring crew, security, ring announcer, sound guy, driver, play by play, basic event operations, booking and anything else that needed to be done.

During his tenure with Mid-American Wrestling, Becker worked with a crew made up of local and regional workers as well as legends of the business as well as some that would make their way to international fame today.

Old and DrunkEdit

Ed is old and drunk and will kick your ass for touching his taint

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