Dumb Ass Monkey is an fWc original and is responsible for one of the greatest fWc memes OF ALL TIME! He is known as Creationist Ape in fWc Japan.

It's Me!Edit

DAM its me

It's Him!

DAM was present at the live taping of Raw at the Civic Auditorium in Stockton, CA on January 22, 1996. This would be an immortal moment in WWE history as Vader beats Savio Vega and then proceeds to put a beatdown on Gorilla Monsoon. It was also pivotal in the life of DAM as he found himself forever a part of that moment on the WWE trading card which memorialized it. The "It's Me" meme which shows a MS Paint altered version of the card, is one of the oldest and most classic of fWc memes.

This videoshows Vader's match with Vega and the subsequent squashing of Gorilla Monsoon.

The Legend of Dumb Ass MonkeyEdit

DAM is a one time Gredunza Champion.
Seperated at birth

Separated at birth?

Some say DAM is the long lost twin of Mick Foley. No one knows for sure. 

Dumb Ass Heart Dumb Ass Monkey's heart talks like a fag and its shit is all retarded. Yea. Because Dumb Fuck 3:16 says NERD.

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