Pat Patterson

Cheesus' "uncle," Pat Patterson

Auntie Cheesus is the more common name for the Farker formerly known as Praise Cheesus.

Who is Auntie Cheesus?Edit

Auntie Cheesus is the creator of the FWC group on Facebook and the FWC-Japan home.

Why do we care?Edit

Auntie Cheesus is an ancient, cranky old battleaxe.  She's been around professional wrestling since Pat Patterson was the tag team partner of Ray Stevens.  She is, among other things, a former babysitter for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, a former drinking buddy and original posse member of Andre "The Giant" Rousimoff as well as firing the first shot towards Vincent K. McMahon's senility with a tea service tray.

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