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AJ in skipping mode

AJ Lee (born April Jeanette Mendez), also known as "Skipper" and "(number larger than four)head", is technically a professional wrestler with World Wrestling Entertainment, of course, so is the Great Khali. She is also the current WWE Divas champion, because the Diva's roster is just that pitiful. Despite her status and popularity with the fans who have no taste, AJ is not one of the featured wrestlers on the E! reality series "Total Divas". This may not be such a bad thing, as this means the Divas series at least stands a small chance of being watchable without Skipper on it.

AJ and fWcEdit

AJ's popularity in the fWc grew during the spring and summer of 2012, as she went from one male wrestler to another as their onscreen girlfriend. Her rising notoriety also caused a rift in the fWc, as some grew tired of her character and the seeming obsession some had with her. Nevertheless, she has remained a focus of several memes devoted to her.

Okay, So Who Likes AJ in the fWc and Why?Edit

(A short rebuttal for fans who don't hate her. Bear in mind the rest of this page is intended to be humorous, though.)

AJ Lee, despite what some think of her gimmick, push and appearance, is a very athletic wrestler who is dedicated to the industry. There is a famous clip on Youtube where AJ meets former WWE wrestler Lita as a child. In it, AJ is crying with obvious joy at meeting her idol. AJ also has one of the more gregarious and fan-friendly Twitter feeds, and engages in much banter with wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston and others, both in and out of kayfabe. AJ fans tend to feel she is a genuine fan who got into wrestling specifically to be a wrestler, not to step-stone to a career in acting and modeling later. Also AJ has a very athletic wrestling style. Her finisher is a modified octopus hold called the "Black Widow". As the octopus is a rare and seldom-used hold, it hints she does have more depth to her wrestling knowledge than what is often shown on television. Last to some, like Dougie AXP, she is very pretty.

So Who Hates AJ in the fWc and Why?Edit

Everyone who isn't Jim from Saint Paul or Dougie hates this trannie. Because she is retarded and can't act for shit and has been responsible for taking the focus away from feud after feud between heterosexual males watched by men who like watching heterosexual males grind eachother.  If we wanted to watch heterosexual males grind eachother with the focus being on an annoying ching chong, we'd be jerking it to Asian Gangbang 3 on YouPorn.

So there. On to the memes.

AJ's Gigantic Forehead and Boy-like appearanceEdit

AJ has a big forehead and looks like a 12-year-old Vietnamese boy. However, the Vietnamese boy wouldn't be half as annoying.

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AJ MemesEdit


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The only worthwhile thing on this godforsaken page.

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